January 28, 2016

Chip’s Podcast

JoeVolunteer Radio will be coming soon to speakers everywhere…but until then, catch Chip Franks on¬†these fine Podcasts:


Business Called You


The Man Behind the Mic

Ron “Chip” Franks was born in 1972 in the thriving metropolis of Killeen, Texas and makes his profession there as one of the country’s premier real estate professionals. Being born as the son of a Marine, Chip has spent a lot of time in different areas of the country and the world going to a total of 20 schools until graduating with a Degree in Marketing from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas (Mr. Franks calls this “God’s Country”).

Mr. Franks opened his own real estate brokerage, The Real Estate MarketPlace in 1998. Named for Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations and the “Invisible hand of Capitalism,” The Real Estate MarketPlace was created with the values of: Value, Integrity, and Service in mind. With specialists in the areas of Purchasing Property, Contract to Closing, Property Management, and Selling Homes for Top Dollar, The MarketPlace can serve a greater number of Clients with far greater expertise than any single agent ever could. In fact, through this superior system of doing business for his Clients, Mr. Franks routinely sells more than 14 times that of the average Realtor (according to 2012 NAR statistics).

Since beginning The MarketPlace, Chip has been involved in nearly 2,000 real estate transactions and still learns more about the business every day. Mr. Franks now resides with his beloved Wife and two daughters, Mandy and Aly Franks, and The Amazing Alec (his son) in Salado, Texas.

He is now working on his passion project to change the world–JoeVolunteer.